5 Reasons Why Girls Can’t Play Street Cricket

Remember the tear-jerking ad from Q-Mobile where a girl goes to pursue a career in international cricket. It stirred a great debate about how it’s important for girls to play sports. Sadly, the debate lasted only till the ad was on airwaves.

While the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team is doing wonders on the pitch, their wins are not trickling down. Not all of us want to play cricket for a career. Some of us want to play it only for fun—and we want play it in our galis.

Magr, life ain’t easy. Girls who like to play street cricket face a variety of mobs, many of which are not so helpful.

The Hawhaye! Collective

If gossip was a sport, our society would have won gold with our lips closed. Step out side with the intention of playing cricket and you will become the topic of the town.


The Faltu Gear

Like it or not, girls do not get the top-class bats or balls. What we get is almost broken bats and used tennis balls. Forget about getting good joggers. Such things do not exist. Magr, we still play!


The Phadda Pack

“Tum log larkiya hon. Tum yahan nai khel sekti!” Most of the times, it’s only because we are girls. However, if we continue to play, we or our wickets get hit by “stray” balls.

The Shaadi Nahi Hogi Squad

If you play street cricket, it’s an automatic ticket to being Ms. Havisham. For some reason, the larka (or his family) do not understand the concept of equality. Larkay ke liye theek, mere liye gunah.


The Tangnazar Audience

Chalo. Even if we get everything right, we have to face all those eyes. Even if keep the tharaki eyes aside, most wait for a moment where they could make fun.

Hum ko koi rokay nahi!


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