Actress Nadia Jameel adopts a practical solution against child abuse

While child abuse in Pakistan is a hot topic of drawing room discussions, we haven’t found a way to control it.

To highlight, child abuse is not only sexual. It can present itself in many forms. According to WHO, child abuse is any activity that is harmful to a “child’s health, survival, development or dignity.” Simply put, child maltreatment can be physical, socio-economical, or sexual.

Poverty is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan and our children are greatly affected by it. Due to unfavorable economic conditions, children become a part of labor force at very early ages or they get abandoned by their parent or guardians.

While NGOs like Edhi Home and SOS Village are doing excellent work in protecting such children, there is a need for more action.

This is where cases like Nadia Jameel’s should be recognized.

Even though she has two sons of her own, she has done something our society extraordinary.

Nadia Jameel has adopted two street boys.

She told her story on Twitter. She first took a boy Sabir who worked at a brick kiln under her care ten years ago. The second boy Azaad was given a home when he was found terribly injured around two years back.

As a actress, Nadia Jameel is one of the finest in the country. She is also socially and politically active. However, she is not an armchair activist. Her actions shows that we should be a part of the solution—and not the problem.

She shares more about Sabir and Azaad.

For her, it completes the family. By reading this tweet, we got major feels! 😄

And, then little Azaad shows off his talent. 😍

The fans are loving her for this kind of love.

One of her fans said that Nadia is a source of hope.

Can adoption solve the problem of child abuse?

While it is not an ideal solution, it is a great way to reduce child abuse in our society. Like Nadeem Jameel, there are many goodhearted people out there who are changing lives of children all over the country. However, adoption gives them a home. It protects them from the evils of the society.

No, hiring children for domestic work is not “adoption.” It’s exploitation.

When you adopt a child in your house, you make sure he (or she) is family and gets treated like one. It means you have to appreciate the talents and forgive the errors of the child. By opening our homes and hearts to underprivileged children, we can truly change this nation.

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