The famous ‘Chaiwala’ is cooking up a TV show

Move over, Koffee with Karan! There’s a new interviewer in town and his tea is hot.


Remember Arshad Khan!

He is the Islamabad-based chaiwala who got famous thanks to Instagram.

Arshad Khan's Instagram Debut

Well, he is going to make us all thirsty for tea as he is currently recording a talk show.

Chaiwala & Friends Teaser Banner

As you can he’s not alone, he has a few friends with him. For now, the details are scarce on the project, but the looks of it the production team is recording episodes in Islamabad while shopping for a channel.

By the looks of behind-the-scenes videos, the first guest on the show is Layla Zuberi, the veteran film and television actress.

“Chaiwala & Friends” TV Show recording in progress a Xanthum Production#chaiwala #LailaZubairi #AliFateh #MarriamSalman #MalikAqeel

Geplaatst door Arshad Khan op zondag 17 december 2017

We wish Arshad and his friends the best of luck for the show.

Till then, let’s keep staring his dreamy eyes.


At a Road side Restaurant in Sindh..☕

Geplaatst door Arshad Khan op dinsdag 6 februari 2018

Talking about Instagram celebrities, this cat is more popular than the chaiwala.

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