9 Prettiest Kurtis to Buy This Week for Rs.1,500 or Less

“Khubsurat lagna mera haq hai.”

These words of womanly wisdom were said by Veena Malik—and she is right.

Khubsurat lagna hum sub ka haq hai.

This is why I have curated the best kurti designs you can find in the market for less than Rs.1,500.

Sub se achi baat! You can order these kurtis online.

Tau, no dhakka-dhamki!

Haux from Sana Sanifaz

Haux from Sana Safinaz


Available right now on their website, this kurti is the perfect piece to wear on a sizzling day. It’s nice to see the design is based on different shades of green and blue instead of the usual floral prints. Made up of lawn, this kurta will make look cool at all times.

Suggestions: Wear it with black trousers or denim jeans.

Eastern Folk from Generation


Simple shouldn’t be boring. This is why this traditional kurti with vibrant stripes of purple, mustard and tez gulabi is a must-have who like to look good without the gloss. It’s made up of cambric which is the perfect fabric for sunny days.

Suggestions: Wear it with black trousers or red patyala shalwar.

Jal Pari from Zimco


Nothing looks better than bright green. Crafted with viscose, this long kurta drapes well. The material is elegantly soft. The only issue might be the big silver buttons, but you can always replace those.

Suggestions: Wear it with white seedha pajama for a classic look or yellow trousers for a vibrant touch.

Denim Kurta from Khaadi


While the texture seems denim, the shirt does not feel rugged. Instead, it’s soft like premium quality cotton. The zipper front gives the kurti an edgy look.

Suggestions: Just don’t wear denim trousers with it!

Sindhi Ethnic Print Embroidered Kurti from D’Orhni


This kurti is the perfect for any casual daytime event. From the lunchtime hangouts to late afternoon picnics, everyone will admire the faux tribal feel because of the block pattern on the hem.

Suggestions: Wear denim trousers with it!

Printed Frock from Ajmery


Unlike other kurtis, this one sports a skirt at the waistline. The classic white pattern on magnificent black boski linen makes it a piece for family dawats.

Suggestions: Couple it with a pair of white or black pajamas.

Evermore from Ego


You never expect pink and charcoal to work together, but Ego has proven everyone wrong. What doesn’t work are the tassels around the neck. However, it can be fixed easily.

Suggestions: Couple it with a pair of white or black pajamas.

Black Balochi Printed & Embroidered Kurti from d’Orhni


That’s what we call ethnic glam. The black-and-gold printed fabric goes perfectly with the Balochi-style bodice and hemline.

Suggestions: A black trouser, nothing else.

Mirror Mirror 2 from Ego


Made up of lightweight cotton, this kurti is perfect example you do not need to have a lot going on to look right. The yellow fabric with blue highlights and silver embroidery is a mix of elegance and flamboyance.

Suggestions: A white shalwar, nothing else.

Haye! Yeh sari itni pyari hein. I guess I will buy them all.

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