Eat These Ice Pops to Beat the Heat in Karachi

For Karachi, the Sun has no chill! Be it any week of the year, it’s always hot. However, as April approaches, the daytime temperature speeds towards 50°C. Jese koi half-century kerni ho!

And, whenever it’s sizzling, you tend to drink more fluids.

But! Water sometimes get boring and soft drinks taste too artificial. Kabhi kabhi, you just want something fruity and ice cold. Your heart sings:

Hot summer, uspe mein bhi hot

Aj mere sath khalay ek ice pop

Yup! This article is all about the best ice popsicles you can find in Karachi. I am going to tell you all the fruity and creamy goodness that is available. But first, let me tell you a little history about this delicious delight.

What’s a ice pop?

Wikipedia tells me that the invention of popsicle was an accident. Frank Epperson created this delighted by chance when he mixed powered soda and water with a stick and left the glass out in the cold in 1905. Later, he commercialized the concept in 1923.

In Pakistan, ice pop is an evolved term for what we know as ice lolly. Jee haan! Wall’s Jet Sport (originally known as Polka Jet Sport) and Igloo’s Mamamia have been cooling us down for decades. However, these products are made up of artificial flavors.

The modern-day ice pops are generally manufactured with seasonal fruits. Therefore, you might get your favorite flavors all year round. In some cases, these bars do not contain additional sugar or sweeteners. They may contain a bit of color to make them look appetizing, but not always.

Best Ice Pop Bars in Karachi

Honestly speaking, meine buht research ki. I found 3 good brands. The best part is sub hi achay hein tau there is no use of ranking them. Each pop can cost you around Rs.140 to Rs.160. However, it’s more affordable than drinking a cup of cold coffee or milkshake.

Ice Pop Co.

You can’t just have one! The popsicles from this joint are heavenly. The best bit is that they have home delivery for a few areas in Karachi. Isliye, I always buy these in a pack of dozens and stack them in a freezer.

What makes the lemon sour so special?It’s simple! A dash of lemon and cane sugar with the addition of a kiwi. Order…

Geplaatst door Ice Pop Co. op vrijdag 16 maart 2018

People love their Chocolate Brownie pop–and some of them want a Keto version of it too.

Experience true indulgence with our Chocolate Brownie pop.Order away: 03344-ICEPOP (423767), or drop us a message on WhatsApp.#IcePopCo #ChocolateBrownie #Karachi

Geplaatst door Ice Pop Co. op maandag 26 maart 2018

Wholesome Foods Pop Bar

While other brands may be available in certain areas, the Pop Bar from Wholesome Foods can be found in popular supermarkets all over the city. Instant thandak!

Bummed out about pomegranate season being over? We've got you covered through all seasons!#PopBar #allnatural #berry…

Geplaatst door Wholesome Foods op donderdag 15 maart 2018

When it comes to calories, they are not bad at all. Plus, they are all natural!

Craving something Yummy but feeling guilty about Calories? Meet our range of Berry Popsicles – 50 calories and less….

Geplaatst door Wholesome Foods op zaterdag 2 december 2017

Lush Crush

This place keeps things exciting with its flavor. Plus, they are never scared of experimenting. Now, tell me honestly apko iss ice bar khanay ka munn nahi hora kia.

Name a more iconic Trio, we’ll wait. The irresistible tanginess of kiwi and oranges blended with the sweetness of…

Geplaatst door Lush Crush op donderdag 8 maart 2018

They have Keto pops and Protein pops. They have got everyone covered. So, if you still want a delight when you are following a specific diet, then Lush Crush jao aur mazay urao.

Bored of your everyday Keto desserts? Well we’re crushing on our Keto Vanilla and you should be too! Calories…

Geplaatst door Lush Crush op donderdag 1 maart 2018

Chalo shahbash! Go eat one now and tell us which one did you like the best.

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